Depression: 5 Signs of Depression



Today I will discuss to you about the five signs of depression. We meet a lot of people in our daily routine who complaint that they have depress. When we ask them about depression or what is depression then they don’t know about it and they start giving illogical answers.

Domestic Responsibilities:


Like I am having depression about my domestic responsibilities or they do say about their temporary problems.

Social Media Platform:


The most affected people by this belongs to our youth and this can be noticed through social media platforms where the youngers are talking about this.

Someone Saying:

Someone is saying that because of this I am having depression and other is saying. That I am having depress because of that. Mostly because of the temporary problems they start assuming themselves having depression.



By seeing this it is very important for us to know about depression so that we could not blame everything of being depression. For the reason we will talk about symptoms that what are those symptoms. Depression do have ten symptoms and if there are five or more then five symptoms. You are facing then you might have depression.

Symptoms of Depress:

If we talk about the first symptoms of depression then it is sadness, person start being sad and he start lacking self esteem. He start feeling himself low then others. It is the biggest problem in depression. Other issue is either there are mental or physical issues.


He start feeling tires all the time, he don’t want to get up from the bed to do something, he wants to stay in the bed. he cant concentrate on his daily routine, the person could have suicidal thoughts. This is most dangerous thing because it just not stopped on suicidal thought the person could actually do suicide.


These persons don’t want to live in present, why? Because these persons always thinking about their old days or past. By thinking about their past they start blaming themselves for the things which might went wrong. About future they become very hopeless. One symptom could be the malfunctioning of their appetite and sleeping routine.


By saying that abnormal appetite means that either they start eating too much or nothing and same thing happens about sleeping i. .e either they will sleep too much or they will not sleep.

Routine Life:

Now these are the symptoms, now the question is why all this happens. Why all these symptoms come? First of all, the routine life may be cruel for the humans like someone gets divorced. someone lost his job or someone close dies and these things can cause depression.

Drinking Alcohal:

Drinking alcohol or addiction to some drugs may lead to depression as well. If we talk about gender the it is quite possible that females could be affected by depression more then men. Personality plays a vital role in such conditions like some incident that was happened in childhood could be a major cause of depression.


If there was a previous history of depression in the family then its quite possible that someone might inherit. So these are some reasons. I must say that psycological issues are never because of one issue. it has many reasons, these are the some reasons which I discussed with you.


But if you have symptoms and we already have discussed about the reasons now the question is how could you help yourself. You could help yourself by doing exercise or engage yourself in physical workout.


You do exercise either for half hour or for an hour is best. If you don’t do exercise then go for a walk and it helps a lot. Take good food so that you could feel good.

Avoid Alcohal:


Avoid drinking alcohol as I already told you that it could be a reason. Don’t be disappointed because there are so many people in the world who would pass through depression. They overcome it and you are one of those who could defeat depress. If you do recognize the reason behind your depression then you could try to avoid that reason.

Professional Help:

If you are facing disturbance in sleeping then try to have proper sleep. If you want to have professional help then by visiting you can consult with me directly.


I could have your session online if you are from some other city and if you belong to any country then. We could have try to sort out your problem. If you have some question write it down in the comments section and you will definitely have your answer.

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